The volunteer team

The Tafel Koblenz is a voluntary organization with over 260 volunteers. Would you like to support us in our mission? Then take a look at our volunteer opportunities now.

If you are interested, please send us a short email to info@tafel-koblenz.info

Help in distribution

You can find information on time and place on the Distribution subpage: Distribution – Tafel Koblenz e.V. (wpspace.me)



Kloster Schönstätter Marienschwestern, Trierer Str. 388, Koblenz Metternich

Everyone in the team is provided with protective clothing such as aprons, shirts, jackets, etc. The clothing must be returned when you leave the the voluntariat. Our vehicles are fully insured with an excess. In the event of damage, the Tafel will pay the excess.

If you like these values and rules, you’ve come to the right place and are making a contribution to sustainable climate protection.