Join us: our teams

Thanks for your interest! For a better insight, we’ll dive into our main two tasks:

Distributer ("Helfer*innen")


  • emptying of delivered boxes and cartons, sorting of goods to specified containers, usually between 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • disposing of goods and packaging that have not been handed out in accordance with the waste separation policy
  • handing out the goods to the customers of the food bank, checking their permission, charging the amount of money (1 or 2 Euro)
  • dismantling of the distribution setup until 16.30


  • evaluate the condition of the goods, recognize the expiration date
  • physically fit: being able to carry the bins and cartons
  • social skills & friendliness to deal with our different customers

Collector ("Sammler*innen")


  • collect donated food from grocery stores in teams of 2 or 3 in refrigerated vans between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • carry out a random check on durability and suitability for consumption
  • unloading the goods at the distribution areas


  • for drivers: driving license and confidence to drive the refrigerated vans (collectors do not necessarily have to have a driving license but can help as co-drivers)
  • physically fit: carrying boxes up to 15 kg in weight
  • excellent driving behavior, friendly interaction with donors (representation of the food bank to the public)

Our helpers are permitted to take some of the donated goods:


Volunteers in need

can take for themselves the amount of durable and perishable food that fits into an IFCO box 6424.


Non-needy volunteers

are permitted to take half of an IFCO box 6424 of non-perishable food at the end of the distribution.


Everyone on the team is provided with protective work clothing such as aprons, shirts, jackets, etc. When leaving the volunteer service, the clothing must be returned. Our vehicles are fully insured with self-payment. In case of damage, the board will pay the deductible.


If you like our values and guidelines, feel welcome to support us any time and help us to combat poverty and climate change.