Save food. Protect the climate. Help people.

On the one hand, there is excellent food that is no longer needed in the industry and should be destroyed. On the other hand, there are many families, elderly people, single mothers and fathers as well as refugees in our city who are in existential need.

The food bank “Tafel Koblenz” is trying to fill this gap. It is an association where more than 230 people work voluntarily to collect and distribute wasted food. Currently, the Tafel Koblenz helps 2500 people to improve their financial situation and therefore their quality of life.

In response to the Ukrainian refugee movement, the Tafel is offering additional dates for distribution.

They are listed here.


Spendenübergabe Globus Lahnstein mit Ware

The bag collection campaign in the GLOBUS Markthalle Lahnstein was a complete success! Customers donated a total of over 550 bags, which were handed over to Tafel Koblenz e.V. on March 30th. More groceries were stocked up by the market hall, so that a goods value of over €5500 could be reached. “With this we can help many people and our motto “Save food. Help people. Protect the climate” stressed Peter Bäsch. “More than 230 helpers are currently providing 1,100 communities of need with around 5,000 people in the region with food that would otherwise be destroyed.”


Caption (from left):


Peter Bäsch (1st Chairman Tafel Koblenz),  Janine Riekenberg (Team Leader Advertising GLOBUS),  Ralf Seimetz (Team Leader Warehouse/Logistics GLOBUS)

You are in need and would like to receive food from us? Then you’ll find everything you need to know here.


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We can only distribute goods that have been given by donors, most of whom are grocery stores. Our food includes still durable products that are no longer sold because the best before date (“Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum”) is too short, because they have minor damage or because they no longer fit into the season.

In addition to the food bank, we run a platform to combat child poverty in the city. Under the name of the “Hidden Angels” (“Versteckte Engel”), we also provide clothing, hygiene articles and money for school trips, among other things.