"Versteckte Engel"

What is "Versteckte Engel"?

The “Versteckte Engel” (hidden angels in english) collect money for children in need.

The money is intended to help children whose parents do not have the financial means to fulfil important basic needs.
These include, for example, furnishings such as a bed, clothing, grants for school trips, but also gifts.

Educators, teachers and social workers, but also people from the environment of affected children can contact the hidden angels and describe their needs with a short email:

The required items are usually purchased by the person who has described the case to us. We reimburse the expenses immediately after the receipt is submitted.

The hidden angels help quickly and unbureaucratically.

Hidden means that the child should not find out that their parents are unable to raise the funds for the required purpose.

The angels also support 5 breakfast projects at schools in Koblenz and Lahnstein.

Contact Details "Versteckte Engel"

Günter Pauli
Mail: info@steinlein-kunze.de

Donation bank account »Versteckte Engel«:

Sparkasse Koblenz
IBAN: DE74 5705 0120 0034 0036 57

Volksbank Rhein Ahr Eifel:
IBAN: DE 87 5776 1591 1746 8726 00